Underwater protector, Mount set (mount A, mount B,

    screws, leash, belt, rubber, double-sided tape),

    USB cable, User's manual and Quick manual

    mount A mount B


Model Number CM-1000
Image sensor Image sensor 1/3.8" back illuminated CMOS sensor
Pixel gross 6.4M pixels ( sensor pixel gross: 16M pixels 1/2.3" )
Effective picture resolution Video : 3.6M pixels 16:9 ( 2528 x 1422 )
Still image : 3.1M pixels 4:3 ( 2032 x 1526 )
Lens Aperture F2.0
Angle of view 180 deg., 135 deg.
Focal distance f=1.05
Camera White balance Auto
Exposure Auto
Metering mode Auto
Shutter speed 1/30 - 1/10000
Auto image rotation 1920 x 1080 30fps : 0 deg., 90 deg., 180 deg., 270 deg.
1280 x 720 120fps : 0 deg., 180 deg.
640 x 360 240fps : 0 deg., 180 deg.
Media type Micro SD/SDHC class 6 or higher ( up to 32GB )MORE INFO
Internal memory -
Video format MOV ( H.264+PCM ) Recommended player : QuickTime
Video recording mode 1920 x 1080 30fps, 18Mbps
1280 x 720 120fps, 24Mbps
640 x 360 240fps, 18Mbps
Still image mode JPEG
Still image size 6M pixels 4:3 ( 2848 x 2136 )
Interval recording 3M pixles 4:3 ( 2016 x 1512 )
Interval recording 10s, 20s, 30s, 60s
System Wi-Fi X ( 802.11 b/g/n )
Connectivity ANT+ / ANT Private
Compatible ANT+ sensor type

Speed, cadence, power, heart rate

ANT+Visit for compatible products

Compatible ANT Private device Di2 wireless unit SM-EWW01
Sensor data format CSV
USB port Micro-B/USB2.0 Hi-speed ( mass-storage )
Microphone Stereo
Speaker Monaural
Battery type Li-ion battery 3.7v 950mAh ( Non-removable )
Battery charging time Less than 4 hours
Battery life About 2 hoursMORE INFO
Dimensions(H x W x D) 70.1 x 44.2 x 30.3mm ( with Lens cover )
Weight with battery and memory card 86g
Waterproof IPX8(10m/2 h)
Dustprooof IP5X
operating temperature -10 to 40 degrees C
User interface 3 color LED, 2 switches and Wi-Fi connected smart phone
Smart phone app OS iOS 6.0 and above, Android 4.2 and above
PC software OS Windows OS 7 and above, Mac OS X v10.7 Lion and above
  • *When backing up data on a connected PC, disable the camera's WiFi connection.
  • *Force-quiet command is simultaneously press the mode switch button and the REC button for more than eight seconds.
  • *Please note that Shimano cannot be held accountable for any recorded data that may be lost or unplayable.


  • How do you operate the camera? Please refer to the link above to see the camera's general operating instructions (instructional movies are included).
  • Why won't the power turn on? Press the MODE button. If there is an error alert, carry out these steps:
    ① If the error alert is accompanied by the right LED flashing red, insert a Micro SD card before turning on the power; or
    ② If the error alert is accompanied by the left LED flashing red, recharge the battery.
    Note: If there is no error alert or flashing LED light, the battery may be flat and should be recharged.
  • How do you turn the power off? Press the REC button for 4 seconds or longer. Note that the camera will automatically shut down if it isn't operated for about three minutes.
  • Why doesn't the camera respond when I push the buttons? If the camera isn't responding, the operating system might have frozen.
    Reset the camera by pushing the MODE and Record buttons simultaneously for eight seconds or longer.
  • How do I use the belt mount to attach the camera to my helmet? Please refer to the movie at the link above, which explains how to set up the camera.
  • How do you connect the camera to a smartphone? Like this:
    ① From the relevant app page, download and install the dedicated app that is compatible with your smartphone.
    ② Press the MODE button and turn the camera on.
    ③ From your smartphone's settings screen, establish a Wi-Fi connection.
    ④ Press the MODE button again for 3 seconds or longer and confirm that the LED lights on both sides light up green simultaneously.
    ⑤ "SMN_CAM-******" will appear in your smartphone's list of selectable Wi-Fi connections. Choose this connection.
    ⑥ Enter the password "SHIMANO_Cam" to secure the Wi-Fi connection. (The password is case sensitive.)
    ⑦ Wi-Fi functionality is available by activating the app downloaded in step ①.
  • Can I use my smartphone to view movies and photos taken on the camera? Yes. Activate the dedicated app while maintaining a Wi-Fi connection between your smartphone and the camera.
    Movies and photos stored in the camera can be selected from the File List and played back through your smartphone.
  • Can movies and photos be deleted via PC? Movies and photos stored on the camera's Micro SD card cannot be deleted when the card is in the camera and the camera is connected to a PC via USB. (However, files can be copied this way.)
    There are two ways to delete movies and photos:
    ① Remove the Micro SD card from the camera, connect it to a PC, and delete files directly.
    ② Establish a Wi-Fi connection with your smartphone and delete files from the File List.
  • How can you tell the battery's charge level? There are two ways to check it:
    ① The remaining battery level is indicated by the left-side LED, which lights up for two seconds when the camera is turned on. Red means the battery needs charging; orange means it's about half empty; and green means it's sufficiently charged.
    (For more detail, please refer to the quick manual included with the product.)
    ② Connect the camera with your smartphone and check the battery level using the Live View.
  • How many hours can I record with the camera? Detailed information is provided here.
  • Can the camera be used for long cast fishing? No. Although the camera is waterproof to the IPX8 standard—i.e., it can withstand submersion to 10 meters for two hours—we can't guarantee waterproof performance following collision with water surfaces.
  • How do I recharge the battery? Recharge the battery by using the attached USB cable to connect the camera to a power source.
  • Why can't I recharge the battery? Due to the characteristics of lithium ion batteries, charging difficulties may arise when the battery has not been charged or used for a long period. We recommend that the battery be recharged on a regular basis, even when the camera is not being used.
  • Can I replace the battery? In order to ensure that the camera is waterproof, the battery cannot be replaced.
  • Is it OK to disassemble the camera? No. If you disassemble it, the camera will no longer be waterproof and its warranty will be invalidated.
  • What accessories are included with the product? Please refer to the following link.
  • Is the SD card sold separately? Yes. Compatible SD cards are Micro SD/SDHC class 6 or higher (up to 32 GB).